The “Brand”

We all want to share our insight, our knowledge, our therapeutic services, ourselves…when it comes to Health and Wellness. We become so into what we are good at that we crave more…or at least I do. I crave more knowledge about ways to help others, ways to make other feels better. I crave to meet others that are looking for the same and are like minded spirits out to tackle the world, one pressure point at time, one accu needle at a time, one session at a time.

This is a moment that I am having that just “came to mind”. Since I started school for massage therapy 5 years ago, I always knew that my goal would be to create a business…a brand…that when people heard the name, saw the name, they knew who it was. They knew what it stood for and what came with being a client, a customer, an employee, a member, a fan of it. The birth of Therapy by K. To this day, I have been building on the brand “Therapy by K“, adding more value and more meaning to the quality behind it. I’ve set out the find others that I can work with to help create that for Therapy by K. Whether it’s their services or wisdom, all methods are accepted!

I would like to extend my services by offering a bit of Therapy every once in a while. More often than a while…But something that will keep you branded, a chance to learn about new brands!

For those interested please email and the Green tickets will be sent your way! It will come directly from me, no spam, no junk, just Therapy!

PS. Green ticket is the new term used by TBK for coupons!

Now doesn’t that feel great!


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