Services & Pricing

Therapy by K offers a variety of services and packages:

Therapeutic Swedish                          Deep Tissue

Thirty Minute: $35                               $45

Sixty Minute:  $65                               $75

Ninety Min.:   $95                                $105

Therapy by K (NMT)

This modality incorporates various tissue manipulation techniques and trigger point therapy, which uses the neuromuscular system to balance and normalize muscle function and reduce the pain response.

Thirty Minute: $50 (specific area only)

Sixty Minute:  $90

Ninety Min.:   $120

Prenatal Massage                               Trio Therapy

Thirty Minute: $-                                  $30

Sixty Minute:  $75                               $60

Ninety Min.:   $105                              $90


Thirty Minute: $35

Sixty Minute:  $65

Scrubs by K

Upper Body: $75

Full Body:    $125

Children’s Therapeutic  Services

Pediatric therapeutic massage combined with aromatherapy is great for helping with overactivity, nervousness, attention deficit, sleeping problems, skin conditions, anxiety, depression, and many other conditions in children.  These services should not be substituted for medical care, and are wonderful as a complement any medical treatment your child is receiving.

30 minute aromatherapy massage & treatment

60 minute aromatherapy massage

Other Services:

Aromatherapy Treatments


4 hour package – $250

8 hour package – $530

12 hour package – $800

Corporate Services & Packages are Available:

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